Wednesday, February 6, 2008


You will need to schedule a physical exam and I will need to have a copy of it before you board the plane.

If you played or currently play sports at GLHS you can simply request a copy of your sports physical from the Athletic Office at school.

The reason you need to have a physical is because I need your doctor to tell me that you are not going to keel over on my shift and my watch!!
It is also very smart to always have your doctor give you a once over any time you travel overseas.

Make sure that you write a list of all medications to which you may be allergic. This will help me better communicate with a doctor on your behalf in the event you are not able to speak for yourself (say you take in too much sun and briefly pass out...)

If you have allergy medication or a medical condition that requires you to carry prescription medicines, you may want to ask your doctor for a prescription to bring on our trip. This way you can renew a lost prescription without the wait and expense of having to go to a Spanish doctor.

So as soon as you can manage it, please give me a copy of your physical.

Meet Kelsey

Meet Escape Artist Kelsey Shoemaker

Hi, my name is Kelsey Shoemaker. I am a junior this year. I am so excited to go to Spain. I have loved traveling ever since I was a little girl. My aunt is a travel agent and she always had these awesome stories about when she went to European countries, and now I finally get to have my own awesome stories and experiences. I know a few of the people that are coming on this trip, but I do not have any friends that are going on this trip but I love making new friends and I can not wait to meet all of you, and hopefully a few cool Spanish locals too. I have taken two years of Spanish so far, so I will moderately be able to communicate with the locals. I am looking forward to meeting everyone and I really want to go on the optional excursion to Morocco, that sounds like so much fun and it will be like nothing I have ever experienced, and also then, you can say that you went to Africa! I am in concert choir and Ledgendary Ladies( a singing group at GLHS). Singing is a big part of
my life and I sing a lot, I take private voice lessons too. I was in a couple of the schools musicals also(Camelot and Brigadoon). I love to have a good time and I am looking forward to June so we can start this exciting excursion.

Look Who is Going...

Ok, I am not getting many bios and pictures of the current travel group so I will post the list of people currently signed up. There are still a few people considering joining us. If you have friends that want to come, tell them that it is not too late:

Black, Ariel
Dipietro, Sarah
Govea, Jessica
Hernandez, Sara
Kappler, Mallory
Lennon, Kelly
Martin, Spike
Monroe, Chelsea
Mueller, Nicole
Petersen, Chloe
Romankewiz, Ariel
Ruddy, Leslie
Shoemaker, Kelsey
Trey Ragatz
Nile Ragatz

Please keep sending information about yourself and your photo so that people can get to know you....