Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Meet Kelsey

Meet Escape Artist Kelsey Shoemaker

Hi, my name is Kelsey Shoemaker. I am a junior this year. I am so excited to go to Spain. I have loved traveling ever since I was a little girl. My aunt is a travel agent and she always had these awesome stories about when she went to European countries, and now I finally get to have my own awesome stories and experiences. I know a few of the people that are coming on this trip, but I do not have any friends that are going on this trip but I love making new friends and I can not wait to meet all of you, and hopefully a few cool Spanish locals too. I have taken two years of Spanish so far, so I will moderately be able to communicate with the locals. I am looking forward to meeting everyone and I really want to go on the optional excursion to Morocco, that sounds like so much fun and it will be like nothing I have ever experienced, and also then, you can say that you went to Africa! I am in concert choir and Ledgendary Ladies( a singing group at GLHS). Singing is a big part of
my life and I sing a lot, I take private voice lessons too. I was in a couple of the schools musicals also(Camelot and Brigadoon). I love to have a good time and I am looking forward to June so we can start this exciting excursion.

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