Friday, January 4, 2008

FLAMENCO NIGHT (Optional Side Trip # 4)

Flamenco Evening -- $45
(click on link above for flamenco demo)

This activity will take place while we are in Seville. After a late dinner one night, we will stroll the ancient streets of the city Seville on foot to go at the flamenco venue. It is located at the foot of the meandering Guadalquivir river, keeper of the Spanish gold pilfered from the Americas.

I highly recommend this show if you are into dance, theater and music.

Flamenco is unique Spanish/Arabic art form combining guitar playing, singing, chanting, dancing and hand-clapping. Flamenco evokes all the emotions and traditions of Spain. It is a very dramatic and beautiful experience layered in whirling costumes, soulful singing, graceful men and women breath taking foot stomping and amazing guitar skills display.

All Spanish schools teach regional dances as a physical education component. Flamenco is the most famous Spanish regional dance and it is most popular in the south of Spain where everyone who has been through Spanish schools can dance flamenco.

Included in the price is the show and one drink. You can sign up for any or all the optional tours online or email me. ($45 advance purchace and $55 if purchased during tour)

Click here for more information about this fantastic art.

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