Friday, January 4, 2008

Morocco (Optional Trip #2)


I recommend this trip to the intrepid adventurer within you...Heck, you will be traveling to Africa for Pete's sake!!. You will feel very far away from Grand Ledge on this side trip because it will be unlike anything you have ever seen, felt or smelled....

We will get up early in the morning with the rest of the working Spaniards, enjoy a simple Spanish breakfast and take a Ferry across the Strait of Gibraltar to enter a world of mosques, camels, snake charmers and bustling markets. Our destination is the trading city of Tetuan, a serene North African town whose culture and architecture reflect the area's Moorish past. You will really get to experience the Andalusian and Islamic-influenced architecture as a local guide leads you through the Medina.

You'll also have time to visit the ubiquitous Moroccan market , listen to the call to prayer of the moazin (Morocco is %90 Muslim although it is a secular-non religious country), take in the exotic smells of the local spice shops, watch belly dancers and musician perform ancient dances, shop for poofs, carpets, ceramics and all the Arabian nights delights you can handle.

Picture: Streets of El Medina in Tetouan

Included in the price is transportation to port of Algerciras, round trip ferry ticket Spain-Africa, guided tour of the Medina, a beautiful Moroccan meal with dance show and guided tour through the market place. You can sign up for any or all the optional tours online or email me. ($120 advance purchase and $130 if purchased during tour)

PS: I lived in this city for 3 years!!

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