Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The Spanish Attitude


Most of us are already familiar with a bit of Spain even without even traveling there. Hollywood has graced us with many examples of how Latin people have put away the stereotypical old Hollywood roles. Now Latin actors are not sought only for ethnically non-specific characters and Hispanic roles. They are seen in Hollywood as actors, not Latin or Spanish actors, just actors capable of performing any role. Latin actresses are no longer the mistresses or prostitutes in the movies, as they once may have been type-casted. The Latinos of today get to land starring roles as the main characters in the movies and stay there longer than “5 minutes as extras”.

These 3 artists (Penelope, Enrique and Antonio) are a great example of how Spanish culture influences upward mobility and beauty. When you go to Spain, you will realize that Spaniards are a very confident, glamorous and easy going people. Their love for leisure, fresh food, loud laughter, lazy afternoons, great company and spicy hot outdoor nights are the ingredients that foments this sexy attitude.

And guess what? this is totally contagious!! In Spain, beauty is NOT in the eye of the beholder...it is all in one's attitude. When you feel good, you look good..!

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