Friday, January 4, 2008

Monserrat (Optional Trip #1)

Montserrat -- $50
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In this side trip, we will travel through the picturesque landscapes of Spain to Montserrat on a half-day guided excursion (guided means that we will have a bilingual tour guide).

The jagged mountain towers high above the Llobregat Valley with its almost lifelike monoliths inspired the composer Richard Wagner as he wrote Parsifal. The rugged mountain setting provides a dramatic backdrop for the 9th-century monastery of Montserrat, whose basilica houses the hallowed Black Virgin. The wood of this statue has darkened over the last eight centuries, so the statue has come to be known as "Moreneta," sometimes translated as "the brown one." Every year, thousands of followers make the pilgrimage to pay homage to the statue and to see the monastery, home of honest to God real Benedictine monks who maintain the shrine.

Included in the price is transportation from Barcelona to Monserrat, entrance to the monastery. You can sign up for any or all the optional tours online or email me. ($50 advance purchace and $60 if purchased during tour)

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